Dec. 18, 2009

Sex during menstruation? Yes? No? Why?

I’ve done it. Didn’t much care for it. What are experiences? Or why are you against it?

  1. thoughtsofmadness answered: Sex during menstruation is fantastic because I love blood.
  2. metallicruins answered: x
  3. talktough answered: I haven’t but I know I’m extremely horny when I am… Will I ever try it? I don’t know… my periods are usually heavy flows…
  4. iowacomedyfest answered: Have done it before, mixed results
  5. gresa answered: ergh
  6. soggyheartss answered: neh
  7. wordoyster answered: No big deal. Things clean up. Maybe you’ll need some lube since it can be a bit sticky. Had two women say it helps their cramps. So…for it!
  8. aguanteflema answered: not a big deal
  9. smittenkittensmittens answered: Only in the shower. I enjoy it, for some reason I am hornier during my period…
  10. americankris answered: yes
  11. cocoypollo answered: no asco
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  13. charliedelta answered: never tried it, had foreplay and dildo penetration but its super sensitive, dont think i could
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