May. 13, 2010

Sister in law fantasy…

Anyone that has checked my blog knows I have a thing for my wife’s sister.  She’s a little witchy at times but is also very sexy.  I’ve fantasized about her for many years…early on, I discovered she wore sexy undies and I was hooked!  My wife is all about cute, comfy undies which are ok but my sis in law, I discovered, wore thongs, leopard pattern undies, victorias secrets, etc…every chance I had, I’d get a peek, smuggle her panties into the bathroom, steal/borrow, etc…this behavior still goes on today!  I assume she knows as we’re talking many years of this activity :)  I’m not into a sexual physical relationship with her, just the fantasy of her knowing that I cum to her is enough…I don’t want to complicate things too much, but I know this is right on the cusp…

So, with panties and sis in law in mind, I’d love to hide away in a closet and watch her try on a variety of undies, panties, etc…not only that, I’d like her to know that I’m there, watching every move she makes while I stroke my cock.  You see, there have been many brief, sexy little occurences that have happened between us over the years…of course, most or all have been instigated by me…she caught me jerking off once (oopsy), felt my hard cock on her bikini’d ass on a jet ski (still dizzy from that ride!) just to name a couple of the more memorable ones….anyway, they all drive me to this tumblr blog as she’s all I fantasize about!  Each pic I like or post, it’s her I think about! 

So, back to the fantasy…panties and more panties…I’d love to watch her go into the bathroom, try on a new pair and come out and give me a little secret fashion show over and over…throw in the occasional, oops, I dropped something under the bed and proceed to drop to her knees search under the bed while sticking her beautiful pantied ass out for me to enjoy….I’d love her to more or less ignore me but give me the occasional knowing grin if I get open the door too much or make a little too much noise…tsk,tsk…she has a beautiful voice and I’d love to have her sing a few notes as she poses in the mirror, admiring how sexy she looks…confessional, years ago I pulled the hidden camera trick on her and had her “try on” a couple of outfits I was considering buying…I know, I know…bad move…but you don’t understand how sexy she is!!  with my camera pointed at our full length closet doors, I got 10 mins of her in and out of a couple of outfits with wonderful shots of her in white panties with red polka dots!!!  she struck some incredible poses including one in the panties and a white sweater only…you should have seen the pose she made as she checked herself out in the mirror!!! I will never forget it!!  Unfortunately, the technogods punished me as the tape got eaten a few years back!!!  bummer :(

So, that’s about it…I love panties and I love my sister in law…quite a life, doncha think!

InXstasy: I better not make this a habit, commenting on a submitter’s post. But sometimes I feel I have to. I have a similar fantasy, only mine gets a little physical. I know. I know. I just said (in the last submission) about being with another female. Truth is, I have qualms with her sharing me - meaning she’s partaking - I have many a fantasy dealing with her friends and sister. 

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    This is hot! I know exactly how this feels!
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    What a giant piece of shit. Fuck your wife’s sister. Get a divorce. Kill yourself.
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